Procedure of a Root canal treatment in chennai

Root canal is a method of treatment that is done on a tooth that is known to be badly damaged due to an infection. This process is done instead of removing the entire teeth. In this treatment, the damaged area in the tooth is removed. This region is mainly the pulp. After removing the infected area the tooth is then cleaned and disinfected. Once the affected area has been thoroughly disinfected, the tooth is then filled with a material that is specially made for this purpose and is then sealed. There are a number of reasons which results in this treatment for a patient. They are a deep cavity that may occur in the tooth or a crack in it. Sometimes repeated treatment to a specific tooth may also result in the need for a root canal treatment in chennai. Trauma to a tooth may also result in requiring a root canal treatment in chennai. The name of the treatment root canal comes from the reason of cleaning the canal that is found inside the root of the tooth. The treatment can be done in a single sitting or in multiple sitting depending on the seriousness of the tooth decay or the tooth problem.

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