Men’s Summer Fashions

As summer slips into autumn, the sun is still quite warm and you should still be sporting your summer clothes acquisitions. What were they? Well there was more than a hint of retro on offer this year. We are talking tie-dye shirts, cargo-style shorts, deck shoes all topped off with a nice straw hat- better if slightly battered. You’ll find these sorts of clothes on offer from many fashion houses, including Dries Van Noten, Burberry, Our Legacy and Rag & Bone.
Hawaiian shirts may seem a little over-the-top but there are some great colours and styles out there- ideal for barbecues in the garden or an afternoon in your local pub’s beer garden. But some men just get down from the loft last year’s summer-wear and make little effort to get the best from their clothes by combining them in certain ways, and of course buying some new clothes to expand your wardrobe.
John Targon is a co-designer of Baja East and he says thoughtful subtlety is the way to go. Baja East’s spring/summer collection featured ikat-printed shorts and bajas (that’s those Mexican surfer hoodies) in a dove-grey cotton. When worn with denim or khakis, it appears that you haven’t tried too hard to be “trendy” but have achieved coolness with little apparent effort. Way to go!
Here are some other tips for the fellahs.
Hats. Straw hats in particular. Go for as plain a style as you can, with only natural straw colouring. One band of material or ribbon around the centre is just about permissible, but definitely no feathers or things hanging down like corks to deter flies. Most importantly, never wear the straw hat on the back of your head- it will make you look like a cross between Farmer Giles and a Boy-Band reject. The straw hat should be seated firmly and proudly on the crown of the head.
When it comes to this season’s printed shorts, it seems that solid dark colours are popular with a subtle pattern barely visible from a distance.
The tie-dye retro 1960s/70s look is in with a vengeance, but don’t go for one that looks like Jackson Pollock has thrown fifteen tins of coloured paint at it. Go for two or at most three colours only, and the colours should be similar and not too bright. Try more sombre colours and match it with your best black, charcoal or navy suit.
Wear your leather Espadrilles for street wear- they won’t look good on a beach (and will be too hot for your feet anyway). Match them with smart trousers or distressed jeans. Canvas deck shoes are the way to go on the beach or promenade.
What about jewellery? Accessories? A bum-bag? A bum bag is out, it should never be in. Whoever bought it for you was doing you no favours! Accessories- nothing more than a simple wrist band made of some natural material like jute or hemp. Avoid a necklace. But a smart watch will look good. A Fossil or a Swatch perhaps.

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