How to Dress Fashionably

OK. In a short article we can’t cover all the ground from fashion do’s and don’ts from A-Z- it would need a book and/or a TV series! But there are some tips and wrinkles, hints and suggestions, homilies and handed-down wisdoms that may point you in the right direction. First off I have to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when you behold yourself in the mirror wearing something that is ultra-fashionable, but that you don’t like, then drop it. Just as people wearing “cutting-edge” fashion (in other words odd or weird the first time you see it) can often pull it off because they exude confidence, the converse is true. Wear the best set of threads on the planet but if you look uncomfortable in them, people will pick up on that and either turn away, or worse, start sniggering behind your back!
First thing is to “cleanse & purge”. Get all your clothes out and critically decide what should go to the charity shop or sell on eBay. That will be those that don’t fit, those that are so clearly of a style that won’t come back this century, and ones that you haven’t worn in years. Why would you suddenly wear it next year?
Second, know your body type. There are lots of guides on the internet, and (good) friends who will help you decide what you are if you’re not sure. You can be fat, thin, tall, short, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, even banana shaped (lol!) but there will be clothes that can make your body shape look good, and many that won’t. If you don’t know your body-shape, then you’re fighting fashion with one hand tied behind your back!
What style(s) do you prefer? Referring back to the confidence issue, what style of clothes do you think you and your friends look good in? Classic? Hipster? Professional? Hippy-Dippy? Sexy but sophisticated? Goth even? (perhaps not!). Ultimately, clothes that you love and feel good in will be worn more confidently by you. It has less to do with today’s fashion and more to do with how you present yourself, though both are intertwined. And would you be prepared to change your hair style to better fit in with the style you prefer? Always tricky if you’ve kept the same hair style for years.
What clothes for what occasion(s)? You won’t wear a ball gown or hot pants to the Office, and you won’t wear a three-piece to a club (Hmmm possibly…). So make sure you are buying clothes that a) suit your body shape, b) your style preference, and c) are suitable for the occasions you are planning to wear them.
Now start shopping, but unless you have unlimited funds, consider what clothes might go with other clothes. A versatile wardrobe is one where you can mix and match many of your clothes successfully. That outrageous orange tunic is going to find few combos to suit, possibly only one. The more clothes that can be paired with other clothes in your new wardrobe the better!
Finally spend quite a lot of time acquiring accessories and jewellery that will complete your look. It is often that inexpensive hat or bangle or statement wide belt that people will comment on favourably, ignoring tour Saatchi dress!
Good hunting and have fun!

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