Go Retro With Toxic Vision Clothing

When you look at a lot of clothes stores today it is easy to how so many of us end up dressing the same. But there is one brand, led by Sharon Toxic, that will ensure you are never caught wearing what anyone else is and that’s because she consistently creates retro delights on a weekly basis!

Don’t get us wrong, these clothes might not be for everybody. The Toxic Vision label is one that takes its inspiration from the days of Queen and Twisted Star and as you can imagine you will definitely be making a statement when wearing some of their gear. Think along the lines of rainbow-coloured leopard print and bold neons, Sharon Toxic takes pride in the fact that these pieces are devoid of the obvious and all too common influences that are found in national clothing chains.

In fact Sharon refuses to even look at other designers work when she is creating a new piece, preferring to “come up with my own ideas and modify and recreate designs that I’ve worked on in the past”. Of course she does have her influences if the likes of Alice Cooper count!

So how did this interest in alternative fashion come about? Sharon found she had a strong desire when growing up to be a part of the fashion industry. She had a desire to be self-employed and the fact that she was never able to find clothes that she wanted to wear in regular shops ended up directing her into designing her own. Since those early days Sharon has come a long way and Toxic Vision has since hosted its first fashion show in Los Angeles.

But she notes her real break being when she met Kat Von D on a recent trip to Los Angeles and since became friends. The tattooist was so impressed by Sharon’s work that she began to wear Toxic Vision on LA Ink, this of course began to give the range even more traction though it is success that hasn’t come without sacrifice. When Sharon started it was just with an interest in creating her own unique clothing and all she had was her sewing machine. Of course she stuck with it and slowly taught herself new techniques and it has opened up a wealth of opportunities for her.

Sharon is the perfect example of how a bit of determination and hard work can help you to make a career out of your passions. There is also plenty more to come as she says she is planning a huge takeover of the fashion world and hopes that one day her Toxic Vision brand will become a household name. Of course she has a few more realistic goals in the short-term, most notable of these are for her to design the stage outfits for some of her favourite rock stars, obviously including the likes of rock legend Alice Cooper and Ronnie James Dio.

If you are a fan of the unique and creative then this is definitely a range that is worth your time.

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